Bobby Dancer and the Down beats

I'm super excited to be able to share this with you as it's been the most ambitious musical project I've ever had the pleasure of working on, and after a full 4 years it's finally ready!

One important thing to know about this before you dig into it, is that one needs to treat this much like you would a movie – which is to say that it has a story line that is fundamental to the development of the individual songs, and therefore will require that you start from the beginning and listen to each track in consecutive order to fully grasp the concept.

Since it's a rather long series of tracks, I wouldn't expect many to listen to the whole thing in one sitting. So if you need to break away from time to time, please come back to where you left off and begin again from there. That way the story line will make more sense. Certainly, after the initial listen one could just choose favorite tracks if one wanted.

So just as in selecting various scenes from a movie for the first time wouldn't give one a sense of the plot, so too would be selecting individual songs the very first time.

I hope you'll enjoy this little adventure as much as I've enjoyed watching it all come together.

And do listen to this one on 11.........



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